Top Thing to Do in Manchester

Top Things to Do in Manchester for a Memorable Trip

Manchester is a bustling city known for its sports tourism and other exciting destinations for
tourists in the UK. Whether you are a history buff, an ardent football fan, an art enthusiast, or a
foodie, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.
So, to make the most of your trip, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in Manchester.
So sit back, relax, and let’s explore the top things to do in Manchester for a memorable trip.

3 Things to Do in Manchester

Manchester has an abundance of destinations to see. Once you get to the airport, book a
Manchester airport taxi to the suggested destinations listed below:

1. Visit the Quays

Walking around the Quays can be an excellent excuse to get away from the centre of
Manchester and enjoy its avant-garde architecture. A 15-minute northward drive in a taxi from
Manchester airport will take you to Salford Quay.
This area is full of spectacular glass and steel buildings or iconic bridges such as the
Millennium Bridge that crosses the Manchester Ship Canal.
Treating yourself to the view is worth going to Salford, but you can take advantage of your visit
to the Imperial War Museum North or The Lowry. The first is located in a peculiar building
designed by Daniel Libeskind that contains a collection of objects related to the conflicts in
which the British Empire has been involved.
For its part, The Lowry is an art and exhibition centre designed by Michael Wilford that houses,
among other collections, the works of the famous English artist LS Lowry. In the Quays, there
are other places of interest such as Media City UK, the Hotel Football or many restaurants and
shops. Old Trafford is also very close.

2. A Trip to Manchester Cathedral

Manchester is also an appealing city for lovers of cultural and historical heritage. One of the
most representative places in this regard is the city’s medieval cathedral, which was enlarged
in the Victorian era.
The tower is currently under restoration, although it already had to undergo improvement work
after the Manchester Blitz in 1940 when a German shell completely demolished the medieval
Chapel of Our Lady and the Chapel of James Stanley.
One of its most unique places in the cathedral is the choir, whose sculptures and stalls are
exceptionally meticulous. Among other historical moments, Manchester Cathedral hosted
meetings of the world’s first anti-slavery movement. Access is free, and you always have to pay
attention to their concert schedule, which is also free to access. A 24-minute drive northward in
an airport taxi will take you to the cathedral.

3. A Tour of the Gastronomic World

You’d be amazed at the number of international restaurants in the city. You can tour the
gastronomic world without leaving Manchester.
You’d be surprised by the Chinatown full of Asian food places. Also, the prices are not crazy.
You can have lunch or dinner for just a few pounds.
Some of the restaurants you can have a great meal at include Northern Soul (a gratin cheese
sandwich place), Pho (an authentic Vietnamese restaurant), Siam Smiles, Flok or Rudy’s
Neapolitan Pizza (an Italian that is always on top for the quality of its pizzas). However, these
are just a few examples, as the city is overflowing with exciting places to eat for just a few

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