Long Distance Airport Cab

Long Distance Taxi Service to and from Manchester Airport

At Manchester Airport Taxi service, we always like to go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. This is why we provide much more than just a drive to the airport.

When you drive with us, you’ll be going with a police checked, covid vaccinated driver. And we don’t just drive to Manchester. Wherever you are or need to be in the country, we’ll be able to send one of our drivers to pick you up or drop you off at the airport.

We also have various other benefits, including flight tracker, business accounts, stadium transfers, and tours.

Why use our Taxi service to the airport?

When you need to get yourself to the airport, you will have three options. Drive yourself, take public transport or use an airport cab.


If you drive yourself, you will have the issue of having to worry about catching your flight whilst making sure you have your eyes on the road. Not to mention having to find somewhere to keep your car for the week!

And if you choose public transport, good luck lugging around your heavy suitcases on the train, tube or bus!


The only option that can avoid all of these troubles is an airport cab. You get to avoid the kerfuffle of needing to park for a whole week and having to go from train to train with heavy bags.

Our Drivers

At Manchester Airport Taxi, we pride ourselves on our fantastic drivers. We don’t let just anyone drive an airport cab for us. Anyone who takes the driver’s seat in our cars needs to be a fully licensed taxi driver with a police background check and the covid vaccination. This is to ensure all of our customers are kept safe.

But also, to ensure our airport cab drivers can give you a relaxing and pleasant trip to the airport.

Anywhere in the country

We understand that not everyone who uses Manchester Airport lives in Manchester. But if you need an airport cab to Manchester airport, we’ll be happy to send one over to you.

We’ll also be happy to take you from Manchester airport to anywhere else in the country subject to prepayment.


In some places, the local cab service might not take you as far as Manchester, which can make getting to the airport very frustrating. Booking your airport cab from us would easily solve that problem.

Flight Tracker

Another example of what we like to do to go one step further for the customer is a flight tracker. We’ve all been in that situation; you’re sitting in your airport cab and panicking about when your flight will land.


With a flight tracker, your driver will be able to give you live updates on where your plane is. You won’t be worrying about missing your flight when you know it has encountered a 5-hour delay.


Flight tracker allows you to enjoy the trip, not worry about missing it.

Business Accounts

A significant proportion of people who rely on airport cabs will travel for business purposes. This is why we decided to give companies the option of setting up a business account with us.


With your business accounts, you can see all of your employees’ journeys to and from Manchester Airport. This will often make managing accounts much easier, particularly if you tend to have people flying a lot for you.


It will also help your employees who travel as they will not have to worry about sorting out their own airport cab.

Stadium Transfers

For those who do come to Manchester for leisure, one of the many reasons for visiting it to see Manchester United or Manchester City play a football match.


Using one of our airport cabs, you can go straight from the airport to the stadium. And what better way to do that than in a comfy car, with plenty of legroom and a driver who knows what he’s doing?


Whether there’s 1 or 7 of you, we’ll be able to provide you with a car that can take you to Old Trafford.


If you’re going to the Lake District, Cheshire, or Liverpool, why not take the scenic route?


When you’ve landed at Manchester Airport for the start of a holiday, spa break, or getaway, do you want to be driving along the motorway the whole time?


With our tours, we’re able to take you to any of those three places, making sure to take the country paths along the way. As you look forward to your holiday, you can look at the beautiful country that the Midlands has to offer.


Most taxi companies are just about getting you there as fast as possible. But we would rather you had a nice trip.

How to book Taxi service

If you want to book an airport cab, either to or from Manchester Airport, feel free to get in touch with us.


If you’re in Manchester or at the airport needing to go to Manchester, you shouldn’t have to pre-book. But it might be wise just to be safe.


If you’re outside of Manchester, we ask if you could book a few days in advance so our drivers can make suitable arrangements.


You can book via our website by clicking here, or you can give us a ring on 0161 327 3088.


If you need to get to Manchester Airport, booking an airport cab will be much better than driving yourself on taking public transport. All of our drivers have been vaccinated against covid and fully police checked, so you can guarantee you’re in safe hands with one of our guys.


Whether you’re in Portsmouth, Edinburgh, London, or Salford, if you need to get to Manchester Airport (subject to prepayment),  or you’re there already, we can have one of our cabs sent to you.


We don’t mind if you’ve landed for business, football, or just an urban getaway. We’ll always be happy to provide you with the taxi you need to make your trip that little bit easier.


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