3 things to do if you’re stuck in Ringway

Whether your flight has been delayed by several hours or the roads out of Ringway are entirely blocked. You never know when a time will come that you need to spend more time than you expected in Ringway.


Although it’s not as well known as Manchester, Ringway is a beautiful little village, and it’s the only Parish in Greater Manchester.


If you find that you can’t get a Manchester Airport taxi out of Ringway, here are three things that you can go and visit while you’re stuck in the village. They should help keep your mind off the stress of delayed flights.


Runway Visitor Park

If you find out there has been a considerable delay to your flight while you’re in your airport taxi, you might want to take some time to sit in the Runway Visitor Park.


From here, you can sit on a patch of grass and have the most spectacular views of the runway. This is especially good for people with children as there is room to run around, and let’s be honest here, looking at planes is always fun.


But for the grown-ups, you can also have a tour of the Concorde and a coffee in the cafe.


Runway Ullerwood Castle

Suppose you’re not stuck long enough to justify a taxi to Manchester. In that case, you could take yourself back in time and visit Ullerwood castle.


Okay, we’ll admit, this isn’t a whole castle. It’s just the ruins. But it’s in a lovely green space where you and your kids can get exercise and fresh air.


This Medieval castle is filled with history, and you can use it to imagine what life was like in Ringway long before the RAF built the airport. Even before “Greater Manchester” became a thing.


Although, if you have a time machine, Ullerwood castle will probably be much better.


Ringway Chapel

Delayed flights can cause a lot of stress. When you’ve taken a long Manchester Airport taxi, and now, you can’t even board your flight for another 7 hours, it’s natural to want to pull your hair out.


To get some peace, go somewhere you can meditate or pray. Ringway is home to the Ringway Chapel.

This might not be a grand Cathedral, like the one in Manchester, but it is a beautiful little building filled with history.


Over the years, the chapel has been knocked down and rebuilt. But it remains a great place to go when you need to just relax.


Fun fact, this chapel was used by dissenters during the English Civil War.


We get it… delayed flights suck!

Whilst our job is to provide you with an airport taxi, we have zero control over the airport itself. For various reasons, planes can be delayed, sometimes for a stupid number of hours.


Ringway isn’t a bustling metropolis like Manchester is. But if you’re stuck there, particularly with impatient children, you can unwind in the three places we’ve spoken about on this list. Sometimes, when the stress hits, a bit of fresh air or a quiet chapel is the perfect place!


We hope this situation never happens to you. But if it does, at least you’ll know what to do!







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