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Top 8 dining options at Manchester Airport you NEED to try!

In that space of time between leaving Manchester Airport taxi and boarding your flight, one of the things you’ll probably want to do is grab something to eat.


But as with most airports, a lot of the food at Manchester’s is from the big chains- burger king, McDonald’s. But, if you know where to look, you can find various great foods from small businesses.


When you have your preflight munchies, you need to go somewhere good, and today, I want to look at some of the places exclusive to Manchester airport. Here are my top 8 places to eat at Manchester airport.

Pork and Pickle

For some of us, we want to wait until we reach another country before we start eating ethnic cuisine. We just want something English when we first leave the airport taxi. Manchester may be home to plenty of great foreign food, but English food can be good too!


At Pork and Pickle, you can experience traditional English cuisine, from pork pies to sausages. They also make a lovely selection of sandwiches, cakes. Although it’s not super English, they can even make you a delicious cup of coffee.


It’s not super fancy and upmarket, it’s just good quality food that reminds you of home. It will fill you up and keep you happy until your flight lands.

Manchester Airport Kiosco

Airports can be a little bit rushed. From packing your suitcase, getting to your plane, to airport transfer. Manchesteris known for being fast-paced.


As lovely as it is to sit down to eat, that’s not always an option. And for when you need to have something quickly, maybe even to take on the plane, Kiosco is the place to go!


They might not have lobster, foie gras, or anything like that, but they have plenty of sandwiches and good quality coffee. With your meal in hand, you’ll have more time to get to where you need to be.


And of course, you can also get tea there.

The Grain Loft

When you get in a taxi to Manchester, one thing you’ll see plenty of is pubs. Some of them might just do drinks, but plenty also do excellent quality food.

But you can get fantastic pub grub when you go to the airport too!


The Grain Loft has a variety of traditional pub dishes. And should you need to catch an early flight, you can even get a hearty full English breakfast, the perfect fuel for a busy day. But, if you’d rather, a continental breakfast will always be on the table.

The Lion and Antelope

Thankfully, there is more than one pub at Manchester Airport! Taxi drivers, big-city bankers, shop workers, and everyone else- one thing that unites them is a pint down at the local.


The other pub in Manchester Airport is the Lion and Antelope. With a fantastic selection of traditional pub food, such as the amazing fish and chips, and to wash it down, and about a selection of real ales?


Airports can be stressful, so why not take some time out to pick up a pint and have a chat with your friends? You can board your flight feeling relaxed and happy.

Trattoria Milano

Italy. Now that’s somewhere we wish you could get a taxi to. Manchester, thankfully, is no stranger to high-quality Italian food.


Should you fancy some pizza or pasta, Trattoria Milano is the place to go (if you happen to be in Manchester airport). I’m not saying this is the best Italian on the planet, or even in Manchester. But considering it’s airport food, I’d say the food here is rather good.


Eating Italian food always makes you feel like you’re treating yourself, whether it’s a big pizza or just some pasta to give you the energy.

The Nook

When you go to The Nook, it feels like the airport transfers Manchester into a different world.

The Nook manages to balance modern design with elegance perfectly, but it’s not the décor that people go there for.


You can choose from a selection of high-quality drinks at the Nook, which you can order at the premium bar. Whether you’re into wines, spirits, cocktails or even beers, The Nook is the place to be.


And it’s not just the big brands you can have over there; they also do some delicious craft lagers. The perfect drink as you sit in comfort while you wait for your flight.

Cafe Balzar

Unfortunately, you can’t yet go to France via airport taxi. Manchester Airport’s “Cafe Balzar” will have to do.

Cafe Balzar prides itself on being the go-to place for French and Colonial style cuisine. When it comes to dining, the French know what they’re doing. Not only is the food excellent, but the inside is stylish and makes you feel as though you’re on a romantic date- even if it is by yourself.


And to wash down your meal, why not try a homemade citron pressé? Or a pink lemonade?

Bar Manchester airport

When you leave your airport taxi, Manchester airport has many places to go to whether you’re after a big meal, light snack, or just a drink.


But whichever one of these you’re after, Bar MCR has all of them.


With the drinks, you can have a beer, wine, spirit, or even a cocktail. And as for the food, it’s not just one type they do. You can have something from anywhere in the world (almost).


So if you want Italian, but your wife wants Indian, don’t worry! Just go along to Bar MCR, and they’ll be able to keep both of you happy.


Once you leave your Manchester Airport taxi, it’s unlikely you’ll hop right onto your flight. You will most probably have some time to spare, which you can use to have something to eat and drink.


Of course, if you want to go to Burger King, we can do nothing to stop you. But hopefully, now, you have a better idea of what your other options are, and you may be able to find a new “go to” place to eat when you visit the airport.


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